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The best way to prevent a lot of accidents and malfunctions is to make sure your garage door is properly maintained. Take a look at the tips below to learn some useful information about this type of system.

Your garage door springs are responsible for the heavy lifting of your door. Your cables also play a vital role in this movement. If any of these parts become faulty or need to be replaced, they will need to be sorted quickly, they can be dangerous so you shouldn't attempt to handle them if untrained.
It's important to ensure that your frames properly fit your glass panels so that you won't lose energy through small gaps. Aluminum frames with retainers are usually a good idea and we also recommend insulated and double glass panels. If you notice problems with your seal, we recommend addressing this earlier rather than later.
It's always best to schedule any maintenance or garage door touch-ups during the summer. Dry weather means the paint will settle in quicker and you don't have to be worried about wind or stormy weather. It'll also mean the clean up will be a lot easier.
When you choose a new garage door, you should take security and convenience into consideration. Locations with intense weather fluctuations or that are susceptible to hurricanes or storms usually come with their own set of requirements. Ultimately, the right door for you will depend on your household's specific needs and layout - our experts can help guide you through the decision!
It's best to choose a warm and dry day for painting the garage door. Our specialists underline the importance of good weather because garage doors usually need about three days to dry properly. You don't want your hard work destroyed by rains or strong winds!

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